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10 Things To Do That Will Lift Your Spirits

It happens to all of us: bad days or even weeks. Sometimes life throws a curveball to motivate us to be better than the day before. Just like most challenges, the key is getting intoย a right frame of mind. You don't have to always know the answer right away; most of the time it's a process to get there and patience will be your grounding force. Here are a fe[...]

RYU Is Giving Us A New Way Of Looking At Athletic Apparel

Via Vancouver Courier Newspaper Athletic apparel is not what it use to be. The old conception of gym clothes (baggy and not all that flattering) is changing. More people are now wearing athletic apparel as a sort of lifestyle clothing. You can now wear it pretty much anywhere you would normally wear jeans. Many athletic apparel brands have even integrated[...]

5 Workout Classes To Try On Classpass

Part of my daily routine is working out but signing up for different fitness classes can get expensive so I decided to give Classpass a try for a $99 per month. You can choose from many different fitness classes such as yoga, spinning, bootcamps or even gym time that's available in your area. The best part is you can use your Classpass while you're traveling[...]