10 Things To Do That Will Lift Your Spirits

It happens to all of us: bad days or even weeks. Sometimes life throws a curveball to motivate us to be better than the day before. Just like most challenges, the key is getting into a right frame of mind. You don’t have to always know the answer right away; most of the time it’s a process to get there and patience will be your grounding force. Here are a few things to help you along the way:

1. Talk to a friend: My friends and family have been a central force in helping me get through the tough times. They can offer support and perspective/insight because they often know you best. Be sure to balance your time so you don’t exhaust your friends with problems. Talk to someone even if it means seeing a therapist which is often an under used source of support.

2. Get into a workout routine: I can’t express how much working out makes a difference. Not only do you feel better when you look better, working out releases all kind of feel good endorphins that will lift your mood. Since I love spinning, I’ll often hit up a studio. Doing a shared activity with others can be surprising comforting without you having to ever start a conversation with anyone.

Try: Eastwood Cycle, Soul Cycle, Lagree West, Tight Club


3.  Read a book or watch a Ted Talk: I’ll often dive into a great book or Ted Talk during difficult times. I’m very solution focused and learning shifts my perspective on things and exposes me to new ways of doing things. Biographies is also a favourite of mine since I think we can learn so much from others’ experiences.


4. Visit an art gallery: The art gallery is my quiet space. Everything is calm and focusing on elements of art can be extremely relaxing. Art is essentially for me like Yoga is to most.


5. Eat healthy: I’m generally a pretty healthy eater and have been vegan for the last 4 years (truth be told, I do occasionally I’ll indulge in seafood). During times of stress, it can be tempting to reach for that chocolate bar or pizza but the key is selecting healthier options. I frequent Virtuous Pie in Vancouver which houses the best vegan pizza and ice-cream.


6. Shopping (or doing something to spoil yourself): I have to be careful with this one. Shopping definitely lifts my spirits but it’s not always friendly on the bank account. Set a budget and make sure to stick to it if you decide to indulge.


7. Spend time with your pet: My dog Belle has been through it all with me for the past 7 years. Perhaps one of my best friends, she never judges and will pull me out for a nice stroll. She always puts a smile on my face which is a win in my books.


8. Get some sun: Whether you take time off to travel somewhere or head outside to your nearest beach, vitamin D and fresh air will only help.


9. Work on a puzzle: I’ve had a puzzle lying around for awhile that I work on when life challenges me. It helps take your mind off whatever is clouding it and allows for space and time to ground you into a better mindset when you revisit the issue.


10. Find a new interest: Trying something new will expose yourself to new people and expand your repertoire of skills. You might even surprise yourself.




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