Last year marked a milestone for me: I turned 30. As I celebrated my last months being 29, I experience both fear and anticipation. Is it what I would expect? Would this suddenly throw me into some kind of existential crisis now that I’m in a new decade of my life? Will things actually be different?

The answers to all of that came pretty quickly the day I turned 30 and I’ve had almost a year to settle into being in my 30’s. Here’s what I’ve learned in my first year of being thirty something that I’m passing down:

1. Be ready for people to ask when you’ll be having kids. It seems to be a magical cutoff at thirty when people start to ask when you will be passing down your genes. Perhaps it’s the research out there that says your chances of having a baby decreases significantly after thirty. Let’s face it, your eggs aren’t going to go bad the minute the clock hits midnight. Having a child is not a decision you should rush into.

2. You don’t really feel that much different and you don’t look any different than when you were 29. This one really is based on your mindset. I didn’t go into my thirties thinking I’ll feel old so when it happened, it felt like any other day.

3. You feel renewed. Thirty made me feel like a real adult which meant that I felt a lot more authority and confident about who I am and what I wanted to do. I also cared less about what people think and do what felt right to me.

4. You start to appreciate the time you have and plan for the next few years. In my twenties, I felt like I had all the time in the world. Things could be put off till later and somehow everything will work out. In my thirties, I’ve become much more of a realistic planner. I make careful investments when it comes to my time and friendships.

5. You become more open to new things. As much as I’ve honed in on my career goals in my thirties, I’m also much more open to trying new things. I’ve even expanded my wardrobe to include more color and have a genuine liking for prints now.

6. You get things done. I’ve become the queen of knocking off everything on my to-do list. You do it with confidence and since you’ve had plenty of practice in your twenties, you’re now a pro at it. Procrastination really isn’t on the top of your list unless that netflix marathon is carefully planned in your agenda.

7. You actually look better. In your thirties, “partying” takes on a whole new meaning. You go from all night clubbing in your twenties to dinner out with friends that end at 9:00pm. This is great when it comes to getting in sleep and getting a good night sleep is great for your skin. You also probably have a fairly stable job and making real money which means you have the funds to shop!

8. You’ll say what’s on your mind. You realize that life is too short to care about what people think.

9. People start to ask you for advice. All that life experience is paying off. People want to know what you know. You start to transition into a mentoring role which can be really cool.

10. You think being ID-ed is the coolest thing in the world. It’s the best of both world: wisdom and youthful beauty!