Via Vancouver Courier Newspaper

Buying online can be risky when it comes to fit (especially for sunglasses). For that reason, people will often go into retailers to try on the product before buying it online. However, in some cases, what’s available online may not be in stores. You can always look for online retailers that have a generous return/exchange policy but those are few and far between.

I tried out Montreal based online retailer VU Sunglass to give their new site a try. Here are a few perks you can expect.

  1. Choose 3 pair of sunglasses you like and order them through their “at home” try on experience.
  2. Once the package arrives, you can try on all 3 pairs to see which ones you like.
  3. Put the ones you don’t like back into the box and attach the return label provided in the package and send it back (no charge).
  4. If you don’t like any of the three, include the reason(s), send it back and you can start all over again in search of the perfect pair.

It’s as simple as that and you can actually have your cake and eat it to (delivered online and into your home). The perfect pair and fit is just clicks away. Online shopping is wonderful when it’s made that easy!

Read about my experience using the VU Sunglass site, see which pair I ended up choosing and 3 styles to check out for fall at Vancouver Courier Newspaper.