Via Vancouver Courier Newspaper

When it comes to dating, I must say that I’ve never tried internet dating even though many of my friends have gone on great dates and found their partner that way. I’ve always gone the traditional route of meeting someone IRL (in real life). How to go about meeting a potential partner really depends on how much you get out and whether you have opportunities to attend events that will introduce you to the type of woman/man you seek.

If you’re a homebody like I am and being in a place full of people overwhelms you, there’s a new dating service on the market that integrates the old fashioned way of meeting someone but with a modern twist. The Dinner Party is founded by Andrea Hill who is motivated to help people find a match. Upon joining as a member, you will be asked to create a private and personal profile. A “discovery session” will also be scheduled to get a more in depth view into who you are and what you’re looking for. The Dinner party consists of approximately 8-10 individuals who are matched based on their interest, age and lifestyle. The 3 course meal will give you a chance to meet various people without the intense pressure of a one on one blind date right out the gate. The Dinner party team is also equipped to help you get “date ready” and support you through the process.

Even though finding a match can seem overwhelming, choose a method of meeting someone that feels most comfortable to you. You may not find the perfect one right away but showing up is a key component to get closer to your goal.