I pick my color of nail polish much like how I choose my look for the day: my current mood. I tend to naturally deviate towards a rich shade of red or I’ll go the opposite and side with a very light pink. These two shades I find usually goes with anything I wear which is why they’re on my go to list. I also like to go white once in awhile but chips are become more noticeable with that shade.

I decided to round up a list of 7 colors that will stay on trend all year. I love Essie and OPI as my go to brands because they tend to last longer for me. Here it goes!

1. Essie’s “Carry On”: a deep romantic burgundy.



2. Essie’s “Peach Side Babe”: sun ripe peach.


3. Essie’s “Baby’s Breath”: a powder-fresh, creamy white, perfect for a french manicure.


4. Essie’s “Mind Your Mittens”: deep, double diamond black teal.


5. OPI’s “Romantically Involved”: Creme red (from the Fifty Shades of Grey collection).


6. Essie’s “Private Weekend”: sparkling crisp white.


7. Essie’s “Cocktails and Coconuts”: subtle, shimmering warm sand.