Part of my daily routine is working out but signing up for different fitness classes can get expensive so I decided to give Classpass a try for a $99 per month. You can choose from many different fitness classes such as yoga, spinning, bootcamps or even gym time that’s available in your area. The best part is you can use your Classpass while you’re traveling to places like New York or Toronto. They even have a handy app that you can use to see which classes are available right on your phone. Just click on the class you want and away you go.


The great thing about Classpass is the variety of classes it offers. I’ve tried a good number of classes this month and definitely have my favorites. Here are a few:

1. The Dailey Method: This workout is classified as barre fitness and really sculpt and tone the body. It’s a mix of pilates using slow movements (which btw really lets you feel the burn). You’ll barely have time to stop between transitions which is guaranteed to make you sweat.


2. ObstacleFit HIIT @Urban Fitness with Dean Larsen: Get ready for a workout! There’s no slacking in this class and this fast paced interval workout will leave your thighs, abs and arms feeling and looking great. There’s a mix of different kickboxing moves integrated into the workout too. Tip: this is not a class that you’ll want to take after a hangover.

3. Eastwood Cycle: Spinning is one of my favorite workouts. At Eastwood, the ambiance will ease you into a great ride that will make you sweat. Weights and push ups are integrated into the ride to work the full body.


4. Semperviva Yoga: Yoga is my go to the day after a long night or if I’m not feeling up to anything super intense. You can work at any level you like and the space is open and bright which really helps with finding your zen. The poses are aimed to strengthen and tone your body. They also have many locations which makes it very convenient to find a class.

5. Rise and Shine with Seva Fitness: This interval class rotates between spinning and body strength workout. It’s a great cardio and toning workout. The instructor also mixes it up so you’ll never get the same set of body strength workout each time you go.