Via Vancouver Courier Newspaper

Just like how daily exercise is important to maintain good health, so are relationship exercises. It doesn’t have to be as daunting as heading to the gym on the daily but can rather be quite fun and take little time out of your day.

Since I’m a relationship counselor, I often have to find interesting ways to help couples improve their relationship. If you’re in a long term committed relationship, you may experience a sense of being tongue tied when it comes to conversations with your partner. You feel like you’ve talked about it all so what else is there to talk about? Here are a few exercises that will bring in new topics for conversation and also some romance.

1. Invest in a deck of Table Topics cards.



These cards are great for a get together and for couples. These questions will help you get to know your partner in a fun way using questions you might not typically ask. The card decks are also themed so you can pick one that stands out to you.

2. Remind your partner how wonderful they are.


Since we live in such a digital world, you can program alarms on your partner’s phone with a message such as “I love your smile” or “Thanks for always being there for me” in their calender. You can program as many as you want and even repeat some of the messages. It’s always great to get a surprise message.