8 Exciting Things You Can Look Forward To At Nordstrom In Vancouver

With the opening of Nordstrom in Vancouver nearing, many people are wondering exactly what they can expect from the renowned retailer. After meeting with representatives from the Nordstrom team, I realized that there’s so much to be excited for and the retailer is truly offering Vancouverites an experience that’s unique within the city.

1. There will be a bar and restaurant in Nordstrom.

That’s right! The retailer plans to open a bar and restaurant within the space to ensure that you’re well fueled for your shopping trips.

2. They will be accepting returns even if you bought it in the United States.

This is great to hear. The retailer promises a comparable exchange rate so what you paid will be close or the same as what you get back.

3. They plan to strengthen community ties.

Nordstrom will be teaming up with charitable foundations/organizations to strengthen community ties and to give back.

4. They’re actively hiring.

The retailer is hiring staff for managerial positions all the way to sales. Those who are selected for the managerial positions will be trained in their Seattle head office for 2 months before the store opens in September and mentored during the way.

5. You can expect the same level of great customer service they’re known for.

Nordstrom has been known for their customer service and plans to keep improving in that area. If you’re savvy online, their website even has a chat so someone can help you find just what you need.

6. The price points for products will cater to everyone.

Whether you’re a bargain shopper or looking for a great investment piece, Nordstrom has you covered.

7. Nordstrom will be hosting a Pop-in shop for Vancouver.

Once a month, Creative Director Oliva Kim introduces a theme along with curated items that fit within the theme to shop.

8. Most products that are available in their other stores will be available here.

I think we can all get excited about the all the great designer pieces and edits that will come our way. The team is finalizing their product list for the Vancouver store so we’ll all have to stay tuned!


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