Some people (just like I was) may be confused as to what the egg shaped like sponge really did. This sponge is actually one of the best make up tool you can use when it comes to application of foundation and blush. I went into Sephora awhile ago to get a BB cream. It was the first time I’ve ever tried a BB cream and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Naturally, I looked for a beauty consultant at the store to give me some suggestions.

One of the first questions I asked was about the application of the cream (since it was tinted) and what would be the best way go about it. I’ve always used a brush or my fingers to apply creams (I don’t use foundation) but with a tinted BB cream I wanted to make sure I had even and smooth coverage. The consultant agreed that using a brush is her go to method and that the product will last longer compared to a sponge which can soak up product quickly. However, a sponge will leave less streaks and give a more even application. I managed to snatch up some tips on the using the beauty blender and decided to share.

STEP 1: Run your beauty blender sponge under the tap to get it wet. Squeeze any excess water so the sponge is only damp.

STEP 2: Put the product on either the back of your hand or on a surface you can dab your sponge into. There’s no need to soak the sponge in product. Just a little at a time will do. The product will mix with some of the water trapped inside the sponge to minimize any wastage. Use the fatter end of the sponge to cover larger areas of your face.

STEP 3: Use the pointy end of the sponge for more precise application like the corners of your eyes and your eyelid. You can even use the pointy end to apply blush.

STEP 4: Clean up time! To make sure that you wash out any trapped product or oil that may have been transferred to the sponge, run under water with a gentle soap, squeeze and let it air dry. It’s now ready for your next use!