It’s like what’s in your bag but Vogue style. Vogue has found 10 powerful and chic purses equipped with all the essentials in each bag. The idea is to vote for your favorite. Here are a few of my favorites and why I choose them:


My winner


Linda Farrow slim D-frame sunglasses, $715;; Agnelle short leather gloves, $128;; Uniqlo cashmere scarf, $20;; Gucci Bucket bag, $2,300; For information:; Klorane Dry Shampoo, $10;; Michael Kors Glam Bronze Powder in Beam, $50;; UKA Nail Oil Basic, $33;; Hasselblad Stellar camera, $1,995;

Why I like it: I’m always cold and will always be prepared for it. A few make up essentials, camera and sunglasses and I’m ready to go. Actually, I’ll also usually have a small snack in my bag since I’m always hungry. You can see why I often opt for a bigger bag!

Runner up


Cรฉline Curve bag, $1,900; For information:; Sachajuan Shine Serum, $30;; Le Labo Oud 27 Solid Perfume, $85;; Sโ€™well water bottle, $35;; Mr Gray Slub Nep black socks, $38;; Alexander Wang pill case key chain, $65;

Why I like it: The bag speaks for itself! I’m also a minimalist when it comes to designs and this is bag is both chic and practical.

Third Place


Kaufmann Mercantile EDC kit 2, $229;; Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens, $10;; MAC Cosmetics Red Red Red Lipstick, $16;; Dior Diorama bag, $6,300; Dior, NYC, 212.931.2950; Arclyte luxe portable battery charger, $65;; Stampd marble iPhone case, $42;

Why I like it: A girl can always use red lipstick. I also love the bag. It’ll pretty much match anything in the closet!