Hair: The Serum For A Perfect Braid

Via The Beauty Department

For those who love a good braid, you know the woes of getting it done right. If you have layered hair, you run into pieces sticking out of your braid. Thank goodness for the people at beauty department who found a paste that will help with getting a flawless braid.

For fine to normal hair: I like to use a pea size dab of paste to start and go back in if I need more. Put it in your palms and warm it up. Go middle to ends and then if you need any up toward the root, just use whatever is left on your hands.

For thick or coarse hair: When I braid thick hair, I usually break it up into two sections to apply paste, otherwise I feel like it gets concentrated in certain places and there’s none in other places. I break it up from ear to ear, horizontally, applying to the bottom half first and then the top half. Depending on the thickness, I would use a pea size or slightly smaller per section. Warm it up in your palms and then apply middle to ends. If you need some at the root just use whatever is remaining on your hands after you apply everywhere else.



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