It’s almost the weekend which means a treat is in order. Donuts are something that I don’t necessary splurge on even on the weekly (the calories will get you faster than you think). However, once a month, I make sure to indulge a little. Here are a few places I’ve tried that I would recommend:

1. Lucky Donuts– Part of the 49th Parallel team, this place is a must try. Stocked with everything that will make a great coffee date, you can’t lose. My favorites are the s’more donuts and the matcha donuts.Β  There’s one located on 2902 Main Street in Vancouver or 2918 West 4th Ave in Kitsilano.

2. Swiss Bakery– If you’re craving a frissant aka cronuts, this is the place to go. They’re usually sold out by the afternoon so get there as soon as you can. Swiss bakery is located on 143 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver.

3. Cartems– For those who are vegan or gluten free, Cartems will offer those options. They even have a canadian whiskey bacon donut you have to try. They’re located at 534 West Pender in Vancouver.