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Survey says that December is one of the most popular months for proposals. Must be the giving spirit and love in the air. However, in 2015, women are still craving for chivalry especially when it comes to proposal ritual and scripts. This means the man getting on one knee to ask her to marry him (there’s usually a prelude of some grand gesture leading up to the question).

Even in 2014, men are the ones proposing. Only 5% of women report proposing to their man. Katie who is 26 shares her story of proposal:

“We had been together almost two years and I was confident in our relationship and in doing it,” says Katie, who proposed to Sam at a friend’s party. “We had discussed marriage before, and the time just felt right. He was surprised, but very happy and said yes.”

or 34 year-old Yasmin:

“I just felt like I should ask him,” explains Yasmin Reshamwala, who proposed to her boyfriend spur-of-the-moment on the dance floor after the two had just taken shots of Hennessy. “It wasn’t planned at all, it just kind of happened,” she says. After saying yes, her boyfriend, Mike, got down on one knee. The two married this August.

Most women who propose usually admit that it was spur of the moment. The Knot’s 2013 Engagement & Jewelry Study found that a whopping 98% of couples had a traditional proposal; 81% of grooms-to-be said the words “will you marry me”; 94% proposed with a ring in hand; 81% get down on one knee; and 74% asked for the father’s permission before proposing.

Women who like the traditional proposal method report that a story telling and a fairytale component was central to engagement. We also see that carrying through to wedding planning where women spend an exorbitant amount of money for that perfect day.

The proposal is usually symbolic in today’s society since most brides admit they knew it was coming. maybe we should move towards couples should consider discussing marriage and if both parties agree, they should announce it to their family.

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