Tips For Making Your Nail Polish Last Longer

I must say that I love gel nail polish but it can be harsh on your nails to wear it back to back for long periods of time. I often alternate between gel and regular nail polish to give my nails a break. If you don’t, you can be prone to brittle, easy to break nails.

As for brand of nail polish, they vary slightly but a top coat is what you really want to invest in. It would also help your nails by applying a base coat that also strengthens. After countless years of putting on nail polish, I’ve found a few ways to make my regular polish last longer.

1. Apply a top coat every 2 days: This will seal any cracks that promote peeling.

2. Keep your nails short: Longer nails means the tip of your nails are exposed to surfaces and things you do from day to day like opening a pop can or even scratching. The more the tips of your nails hit surfaces, the more likely it’ll lead to your nail polish peeling or chipping. Shorter nails just means your fingers are taking the brunt of day to day activity rather than your nails.

3. Give your nails time to dry after application: smudges and dings will happen if you don’t allow your nails to dry properly. You can even try a quick dry coat if you’re pressed for time.

4. Apply thinner strokes: Thicker coats of nail polish has a higher tendency to peel off.

5. Seal the edge: The edge of your nails takes the brunt of the polish beating. If you don’t see the edge with a top coat, you’ll notice that the polish on the edge of your nails will begin to chip.

6. Stay away from hand sanitizer: The alcohol in hand sanitizers will dry your hands and nails out. This makes your nails more susceptible to chipping.

7. Keep your nails healthy: If your nails are brittle, have ridges or break easily, these will all influence how long your polish lasts. Opt for healthy nails and you’ll notice your polish lasting longer as well.

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