Every woman would be delighted and excited to see the iconic little blue box from Tiffany & Co as a gift for Christmas. While Tiffany & Co. have traditionally been exclusively known for luxury, they’ve added pieces to their collection that will go with everyday wear. The T collection from Tiffany & Co. is to date my favorite. The bracelets are not only versatile in terms of being able to go with basically anything in your closet but it can also be added to other bracelets in your collection if you’re into stacking. Personally, rose gold have always appealed to me and Tiffany & Co. have lots of selection in that tone.

Today, I attended the seasonal Breakfast at Tiffany’s event and got to see the holiday collection which will have you dripping in luxury. Christmas is also a popular time for engagements so here are my top suggestions for finding the perfect engagement:

1. Try to find out which ring style she likes. If you’re really eager, you can even look on her Pinterest. If she has a wedding section it’ll give you a clue on what she’s interested in.

2. Consult an expert to get as much information as you can for finding the perfect ring she likes. Tiffany & Co. has knowledgeable associates to guide you through it.

3. Get her ring size right. You can borrow one of the rings she normally wears for size comparison.

4. Customize it if you can. Just like her, the ring she gets should be one of kind. Engraving the ring or selecting to customize an aspect unique to who she is will win you points.

And there you have it for those who are planning to propose! Here are my favorites for the holiday. Enjoy! -A.

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