She’s one of the best out there and even keeps close ties to Bryan Boy but what has got her to the top is her sense of style. I’ve been following Natalie Joos for awhile now and enjoying every moment of it. Her instagram posts are reminiscent of a Harper’s Bazaar cover while her blog Tales Of Endearment connects you to aspects of her as a person (complete with a page on dating).

VIDEO: A day in the life of stylist Natalie Joos

In a witty article published in Vogue called Heart over Heels, Natalie opens up about her love life:

“First there was the balding lawyer who told me on our first (and only) date that I was wearing the wrong outfit. “You should have worn a short, tight dress,” he insisted. I had not asked him for his opinion. I thought I had done a pretty good job at it, even if it had taken me twice as long to get ready. But alas, I was not flaunting enough of my goods for that to be a successful outcome. Then there was Mark. To the best of my knowledge (and this knowledge is based on one kindly edited on-line dating profile and and a disturbing exchange of text messages) Mark was not a fan of vintage, nor me, so not nearly the right material to devote an entire post to. I had never even met the man in person. Yet, it is very possible that “The Hamptons Guy” is my biggest Muse to date.”