style du jourAmy Yew

MA Psych, RCC, Writer

Hi there, I’m Amy from Vancouver BC Canada! I’m a weekly relationship and style writer for The Vancouver Courier and also contribute to The Social Life online. After writing with the Vancouver Courier Newspaper for the last 3 years, I decided to start my own blog (I’ve been procrastinating just a little). Just like most people out there today, I wear many hats including being a relationship therapist, HR Coordinator and a mommy to my wonderful Yorkie Belle.

Style du Jour is inspired by my “in the moment” urge to share the many things I see everyday. The site will feature everything from my weekly columns with The Vancouver Courier Newspaper to what’s happening online for fashion, style and life.


A little more about me

Love: Writing, a good bargain, anything sweet, a good spin class and fashion biographies

Is interning important?: Yes, I interned with Stylecaster during Fashion Week and I learned more about myself than I ever did freelancing.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?: Instagram

Style muse: Miroslava Duma, Erika Bearman, and Harley V. Newton



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