Via Yahoo Style

While I’ve never been one for selfies, I do know the importance of finding your good side in pictures. I often ask my blogger friends who seem to take effortless and beautiful photos destined to be on Pinterest or someone’s inspiration board: What’s their secret?

The truth is many find it uncomfortable at first taking photos of themselves in these poses that are meant to look natural. It just takes practice and that means finding an angle that flatters you most in photos.

First, get a tea towel and cover half of your face. Look in the mirror (you can do this lying down if it’s easier) compare each half of the face. Check the eyebrow to see if it opens up or down. Then see whether the nose slopes in or out. What about the smile line? Does it go up or does it have a frown line going down? “The sides of the face are completely separate and distinct. If we were completely symmetrical we’d look weird,” says Blackwell-Preston of Dop Dop Salon in New York. Then cover the other side of the face and check each feature again. Once you do this a few times, you can see which side of your face is your stronger side. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how obvious it is.

Once you find your good side, place your index finger at the center of the brow and move it back to the hairline and separate the hair straight back to create a side part.

Voila! You’re all ready for your photo now! Happy snapping!-A.